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Business Intelligence (BI) Source data for elaboration

Source Data

Data are the starting point of the process, the bricks we use to build up our systems. Data are one of the most valuable assets in your company: make them even more valuable. Any kind of data available in your company, as well as data which have not yet been directly handled, can be merged for elaboration.

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Business Intelligence (BI) Elaboration from data to information


Data are elaborated, consolidated, calculated, merged, split. We develop systems where data are transformed into information. The aim is to provide pieces of information that match your needs through tools which are easy to manage and control. This will in turn enable you to take evidence-based decisions about your business. Our focus is on data integrity.

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Business Intelligence (BI) on iPad, tablet

Information Delivery

The results of the elaboration are effective and innovative interfaces. Dashboards are dynamic and provide real-time up-to-date information. Our aim is to deliver graphical interfaces that enable for process control, performance monitoring and display of alerts on critical events. The focus is on the user and the user-friendliness of the tools. Use your time to analyze, understand and decide rather than search, gather and arrange data.

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